Spa Review : Bliss Chicago Spa

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Date of visit: 5/13

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Never Again!!!!

I have been a repeat customer for years at the Bliss. One the DAY of my wedding reception, I have a 9am weekday appointment for a mani, pedi, facial & I am stuck in Chicago rush-hour traffic. I call up ahead of time to request a push-back of my services. I speak to a Mimi-and her response to my dilemma was:
shrug; half-hearted ‘sorry’; “we’re booked” & “Your facial time will be cut in half”; “Sorry, no we cannot accommodate you with a discounted facial since your loosing 30 minutes from your session”; followed up with a, “ You will have to pay full price. Oh well… Good luck on you wedding!”…*smiley face*
I have NEVER felt so blown-off & dismissed on services I PAID FOR from any spa I’ve ever been to…on my wedding day no less!!! Not only will I NEVER return to your strip mall style “service spa” (sarcastic quotation marks), but I will make sure everyone in the social media world hears about my so-called Bliss Experience. By the way, if your company values your business, may I suggest hiring people that would show a sense of urgency & attempt to “save the business” when a customer is clearly upset instead of blowing her off with the attitude, “oh well. Guess she won’t be tipping. Guess we don’t have to go out of our way & make her feel welcomed.” Because spas are a dime-a-dozen!!!!