Restaurant Review : Davanti Enoteca Chicago


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Our favorite Little Italy restaurant in the neighborhood

While at the fest on Taylor Street, we had the choice of all of the regulare restaurants the people go to. My wife and I decided to try Davanti Enoteca over our normal ones, The menu is easy to choose from since it was not massive. What we did not know, our waitress explained the ingredients and preparation. The pricing first had me wondering if this was going to be a restaurant I would return to. My wife ordered a pasta dish that had a cheese sauce and cracked pepper. I ordered the white fish that was prepared with roasted grapefruit and green olives. I wish I could remember the exact names of these dishes. When our meals arrived we thought how small, then we ate them. OMG! I tried my wife's and I wished I had it. The white fish was fresh and the flavors and textures of my meal had me wanting more. When we were finished, the waitress ask if we would to see the dessert menu and I had to just to compare to the entree menu. I ordered a peach breadpudding with blueberries and italian vanilla ice cream. While waiting, the waitress brought us a chocolate mousse dessert that was on a thick wafer base and topped with coco powder. My wife does not do desserts...until this hit the table. She ate half of it. When the breadpudding arrived, it was fresh, warm and GOOD.
The conversation going home was all about the fantastic meal. We are not planning the date to return.