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Pritzker Pavilion Chicago

Pritzker Pavilion Chicago IL Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park Chicago Illinois Outdoor Amphitheater in Downtown Chicago

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Mon.-Sun. 6am-11pm

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Open all year

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Concert admission prices will vary.

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  • The Pritzker Pavilion Chicago is home to the Grant Park Symphony and Orchestra and is also the host for the Grant Park Music Festival.
  • Rehearsals at Chicago's Pritzker Pavilion are open to the public. 
  • Exhibitions and concerts are constantly changing so be sure to check out the website for Chicago Pritzker Pavilion. 

201 E Randolph St Millennium Park
Chicago, IL 60601
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Tour Review : Pritzker Pavilion Chicago

Jason Bushey

Joined: April 2011


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Pritzker Pavilion - See a concert ... from the future?

The Pritzker Pavilion is unlike any amphitheatre I've ever seen in my life; in fact I would say just about anyone that visits this music venue in Millennium Park will have the same reaction.

Built like a futuristic space station - or a big metal spider, or something to that effect - the Pritzker Pavilion has to be one of the cooler places to see a concert. 

I visited the Pavilion midday in November, and there wasn't really anything going on. However, I was able to sit in its red amphitheatre seats (comfy), tour the lawn (spacious), and use the bathrooms (big and clean). The only thing missing, of course, was the music.

I'm told there are free concerts each Thursday throughout the Summer at Pritzker Pavilion, which I was also told are first come, first serve and are really popular. (There's also a classical music series during the Summer.) I would HIGHLY recommend checking out the Pritzker concert series if you're in town during the warmer months.

Overall, whether there's an event taking place or not, the Pavilion is something to behold. Given the futuristic theme of Millennium Park, the Pritzker Pavilion fits right in with the Bean and the Thousand Faces of Chicago, and is as awesome a music venue as you'll ever visit.

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Pritzker Pavilion Chicago

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Enjoy Outdoor Concerts at the Beautiful Pritzker Pavilion Chicago

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North Side

Millennium Park

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Features: Pritzker Pavilion Chicago is one of the most popular venues for concerts in Chicago. The impressive architecture draws tourists in and the constant festivals and musical opportunities keeps them coming back to the park time and time again. 

 Why We Go: Artists like Andrew Bird, David Gray and Zooey Deschanel have played here and it seems like there's always a free concert at Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago

  • The Architecture: Redesigned by Frank Gehry, the Chicago Pritzker Pavilion is a modern-style structure, joining the natural elements of the park with typical "city Chicago" elements. Visitors rave about the sound quality when attending concerts here.
  • The Price: You can't beat free admission. Though the ticket admission prices for concerts vary, perusing the Pritzker Pavilion Chicago is free of charge.
  • The Music: It seems like there's always someone playing at the Chicago Pritzker Pavilion. Whether it's the Grant Park Symphony and Orchestra or a live summer concert, the Pritzker Pavilion Chicago is the place to be. 

Inside Knowledge: Be sure to stay tuned online to see if there are any free concerts coming up at the Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Use Public Transportation: Parking is almost non-existent at this venue and you just might miss your show looking for it. With several public transportation options, it is definitely the right way to go.
  • Do Plan Ahead: Pack snacks, beverages and a blanket to sit on to fully take advantage of this beautiful space.
  • Don't Be Turned Off By The Crowds: Though many are drawn to the outdoorsy feel and free concerts, a trip to Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago is well worth it. 
  • Don't Bring Alcohol: Though it's common to sneak some in, bringing your own alcohol is technically prohibited at Chicago Pritzker Pavilion.