Re-Spiced A Silk Road Cabaret

Re Spiced A Silk Road Cabaret Chicago IL Re Spiced A Silk Road Cabaret Chicago Illinois

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  • "Re-Spiced: A Silk Road Cabaret" is about the way the Middle East and Far East were perceived by the West.
  • Re-Spiced Chicago features a variety of original adaptations of famous songs.
  • It is only playing for a limited one month run.


Show Dates:
4/4/12 - 5/6/12

Pierce Hall at Chicago Temple Building
77 W. Washington St.
Chicago, Illinois 60602
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Re-Spiced A Silk Road Cabaret

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Features: "Re-spiced: A Silk Road Cabaret" combines music, politics and history for one incredible production that will have you thinking by the end.

Why We Go: Re-spiced Chicago challenges everything you think you might know about the Asia and the Middle East. Basically, the storyline of this new musical in Chicago is set to take a closer look at how westerners imagined those living in the countries on the Silk Road.

  • Silk Road: To know the Silk Road is to understand Re-Spiced Chicago. The whole storyline of Silk Road Cabaret in Chicago is based around it, which was an ancient trade route that connected Europe to the Middle East and Far East Asia. 
  • Songs: You'll experience an eclectic array of music at "Re-spiced A Silk Road Cabaret". They offer new twists on all kinds of songs from hip hop to country to classical to Broadway show tunes.
  • Affordable: Re-Spiced Chicago is an excellent option for cheap entertainment in Chicago. Tickets are priced at just $30.

Inside Knowledge: Opening April 4th, this is the world premiere of "Re-Spiced A Silk Road Cabaret".

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Get Anything You'll Need Beforehand: There is not an intermission during Re-Spiced Chicago, so make sure you get anything you need and go to the bathroom before the production begins.
  • Do Buy Tickets in Advance: Since Re-Spiced in Chicago is only having a limited time run, the show is sure to sell out fast. So be sure to book tickets a head of time!
  • Don't Be Late: "Re-Spiced A Silk Road Cabaret" typically starts right on time, so be sure to get there a little early so you don't miss the opening act.
  • Don't Go on April 27th or 28th: Silk Road Cabaret in Chicago will actually not be showing on Friday, April 27th or Saturday, April 28th because it will be traveling to Governors State University to perform.