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  • Rock of Ages Chicago is a popular Broadway musical that celebrates the best glam rock and power metal of the 1980's. 
  • '80's rock bands featured in the Rock of Ages Chicago score include Styx, Journey and Twisted Sister.
  • The Rock of Ages Musical in Chicago will play through much of the summer of 2012 at the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place.  


Show Dates:
June 5, 2012- Aug. 5, 2012

Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place
175 E. Chestnut St.
Chicago, Illinois 60611
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Rock of Ages Chicago

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Broadway Musical Celebrates Power Ballads and Hair Metal From the '80's

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Features: Rock of Ages Chicago musical pays tribute to big hair, tons of eyeliner and the best glam rock of the 1980's with live music performances from the talented cast and backing band. For a Chicago theater event unlike any other, check out the Rock of Ages tour in Chicago.  

Why We Go: Rock of Ages Musical in Chicago includes top-notch performances of your favorite power ballads from the '80's, including classics by Journey, Whitesnake and REO Speedwagon.

  • Power Rock: Puff up your hair, strap on those old ripped tights and go liberal with the eyeliner when you dress up for the Rock of Ages Musical in Chicago - you're going to be doing some rocking at this live theater event in Chicago.  
  • Great Story: Yes, there is a story to Rock of Ages in Chicago. Enjoy the great laughs and sappy (yet thoroughly entertaining) romance of the 'boy meets girl on the Sunset Strip' plot that brings keeps this Chicago musical from veering into a straight-up Chicago concert.

Inside Knowledge: Rock of Ages Chicago will be playing at the Broadway Playhouse for a very limited time. However, if you can't make this exclusive Chicago theater event, check out the upcoming Rock of Ages movie starring Tom Cruise.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Arrive Early: Arrive 20- 30 minutes early, order a drink from the bar and settle in to a nice party vibe at the Broadway Playhouse when you attend the Rock of Ages Tour in Chicago.
  • Do Let Your Hair Down: Since Rock of Ages Musical in Chicago isn't your average theater performance, don't expect to see the typical Chicago theater crowd at this popular Broadway musical. Relax and let your hair down - or, more appropriately, up - when you attend Rock of Ages in Chicago. 
  • Don't Bring the Kids: With all the sex, drugs and rock and roll featured in this popular Broadway musical, the Rock of Ages Musical in Chicago is age appropriate for kids 13 and over.
  • Don't Wait to Purchase Tickets: The Rock of Ages Tour in Chicago will only be around for just two months. We recommend purchasing your tickets ASAP if you're hoping to experience the Rock of Ages Musical in Chicago.