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See Chicago from Above in a Fantastic Helicopter Tour

4/18/13 | by

Chicago is a city that is renowned for its stunning skyline architecture and picturesque location on the banks of Lake Michigan. As breathtaking as any tour around the Windy City is, imagine if that imagery was magnified and made even more beautiful to look at...
That's exactly what a helicopter tour of the city provides. Look forward to stunning aerial views of all the top Chicago attractions from high above, all fit into a 30 minute window of time!

Some of the most famous and iconic architecture is located in Chicago, with spectacular sky reaching industrial buildings, art deco skyscrapers and more. The difficulty on a trip to the Windy City can often consist of having to narrow down which areas to see and trying to decide what best encompasses Chicago. With a helicopter tour, there is no need to make these difficult decisions, as the ability to fly high above the city means that the top sights are all visible to passengers and squeezed into a small time frame so that you are sure to have room for the tour in your busy Chicago travel itinerary.

Take in the ivy-covered walls of famous baseball diamond, Wrigley Field, the blue waters of Lake Michigan, the ferris wheel and hustle of Navy Pier, and the staggering heights of the Sears Tower on a Chicago helicopter tour. The animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo, the recognizable Buckingham fountain and the lush greenery of Grant Park and Lincoln Park may be visible to passengers on a helicopter tour of Chicago as well. Feel like a VIP as you take in captivating overhead views of the city that are usually only seen in postcards being sold around the city, all while making memories with a friend or family member.

Rotor Zen Helicopter Tours are one of the top companies for making the dream of seeing the city of Chicago from high up above a reality. Their 30 minute tours are comprised of overhead views of all the best attractions that you would want to see on any trip to the Windy City, and the experienced pilots double as tour guides, sharing information about the city and the various sights and landmarks you are seeing from the helicopter. Arranging a helicopter tour with Rotor Zen is hassle free, as visitors can secure their spot via online reservation, or by calling the company. This is an experience that you should want to share with a family member or close friend, so bring them along as these tours need a minimum of two people, but the helicopter can hold up to three.

Did you come to Chicago alone? No problem! This great tour company can place you with other riders so there's never a reason to miss out on these breathtaking sights.

The panoramic views of the city from hundreds of feet above are truly gorgeous, and trying to spot the various Chicago landmarks down below is just part of the fun. Be sure to bring a camera along for this one of a kind Windy City tour, as you’ll definitely want to snap photo after photo in an attempt to capture the sight from up above. In addition to being the perfect way to get plenty of material to fill up a photo album, helicopter tours are ideal for anyone who is only going to be in the city for a short-while. These 30 minute tours are the best way to see as many of the top Chicago attractions as possible, at a far better view than you get on a bus. These are also a wonderful shared experience to have with a loved one or friend that you will both treasure.

Perfect for those seeing the city for the first time or for the hundredth, helicopter tours like those offered by Rotor Zen offer a unique perspective on the gorgeous Windy City skyline and famous attractions that few people get to experience. Get ready for once in a lifetime adventure the next time you are in Chicago!