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Sentrock's First Pop-Up Exhibit to be Held at Elephant Room Gallery

11/18/14 | by

Sentrock is a young artist who is emerging onto the scene in Chicago. Any visitor to the area who is interested in art that's influenced by the artist's environment will appreciate this unique Pop-Up Exhibition. It will be hosted at the Elephant Room on Saturday, November 22nd and Sunday, November 23rd from 11am to 5pm. At the exhibition, expect to view Sentrock’s most recent works on wood, canvas, paper, and prints. The exhibit will be open for this one weekend only, so be sure to mark your calendars!

About the Artist

Sentrock is currently living and working in Chicago, but is originally from Phoenix, AZ where he has an extensive list of exhibitions and public art projects under his belt. Sentrock's art is influenced by his environment as he is greatly inspired by the social culture he is engaged in. He is a featured BucketFeet artist and recently participated in the Red Bull Curates: Canvas Cooler Project. With the opportunity to exhibit his work at Scope Miami after winning the National People's Choice Award, Sentrock is hoping to fund his trip to Art Basel through the sales from the pop-up. To learn more about the artist, visit his website at

What to Expect

Sentrock’s art is whimsical and utilizes an array of vibrant colors. Because the works of art are representative of his life, they are honest and revealing. There is a raw quality to the messages he conveys through both text and imagery, but the overall message is one of overcoming obstacles and growing from negative experiences in life. Through his honesty, he is able to capture the true essence of self-expression with a variety of mediums. The uniqueness of Sentrock’s work will certainly capture the attention of an audience and evoke thoughts and conversation on art, culture and our social interaction. Visitors should go with an open-mind ready to receive the message Sentrock successfully conveys.

About the Elephant Room

The Elephant Room is conveniently located on 704 S. Wabash Ave. It's located in the South Loop Neighborhood of Chicago. The gallery is a great place to find out information about up and coming new artists. The art exhibitions are rotated out every six to eight weeks, which gives many artists a chance to display their art form in this venue. The organization is always looking to help thriving new artists make a name for themselves. Thus, it's considered to be an excellent resource for art students, new artists, and people in the community. Visitors can expect to be immersed in the current social, cultural, or political narratives through the eyes of emerging artists.

Visitors should also keep in mind that Sentrock is only a weekend event, but there will be opportunities to view other artists throughout the year. The gallery plans to expand their exhibitions beyond the borders of the Wabash Arts Corridor. This will allow the gallery to host larger and more extensive shows, as well as pop-ups around the city. Additional locations will include R. Hanel Gallery located in the West Loop and Frazier Studios located in the Fulton Market district. The friends and colleagues of the Elephant Room, Inc. help to make the expansion possible. Visitors seeking a unique experience will be intrigued by the gallery and their mission. More information on the gallery can be found at