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Did Someone say Vitameatavegamin? The ‘I Love Lucy’ Musical is Coming to Chicago this Fall!

3/21/12 | by

Chicago’s about to love Lucy! “I Love Lucy Live on Stage” is coming to Chicago this fall, and we’re already looking forward to hearing, “Lucy! You got some 'splainin to do!”

The show just announced Wednesday that it will be playing at the Broadway Playhouse at the Water Tower Place beginning Sept. 12, and you can expect to relive all the antics of that lovable redhead in a live musical stage show.

The Broadway Playhouse also just recently announced that this summer – just prior to ‘I Love Lucy’ taking over the stage – the hit musical “Rock of Ages” will be playing there for a two month run.

‘I Love Lucy Live on Stage’ is really an interesting concept. It takes the form of appearing as if the audience is attending a 1952 taping of “I Love Lucy” at the actual “Desilu Playhouse Soundstage”. The live show gives a unique look at not only the reenactment of two classic episodes, but also the behind-the-scenes filming process. There will even be live 50’s style jingle performances in place of where the commercials would be. Audience members will enjoy sets from Lucy and Ricky’s New York apartment and the Tropicana Nightclub.

The show first premiered in Los Angeles in Sept. 2011 to stellar reviews.

Tickets for this new Chicago show have not yet gone on sale, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as they do.

“I Love Lucy Live on Stage” will be playing in Chicago from Sept. 12 through Nov. 11.