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Spice of Life Tours - A Culinary Excursion Through Chicago's Little India

6/21/13 | by

Devon Avenue is one of the most multicultural streets in Chicago. Often referred to as “Little India”, the neighborhood has a variety of food and culture to offer visitors and locals alike. This one of a kind tour walks you through all of the South Asian flavors of Devon Avenue.

Spice of Life Tours were created to encourage everyone to enjoy delicious ethnic foods. Most of us would not be able to navigate the many options in “Little India” but no worries! After this tour you will have a vast knowledge of the area and where and what to eat!

What to Expect on the Tours:

Chicago's Spice of Life Tours

Come hungry because there will be plenty of food offered. Various Indian, Pakistani and hybrid foods will be served including Indian snacks and tea, vegetarian cuisine, BBQ, Indo-Pak sweets and wine to compliment the flavors. Most of the stops will allow you to sit and eat but some will be a stand and taste setting.

The tour will last around 3 hours and will not stop with just food. When walking along the sidewalks, you’ll learn all about the architecture, arts and entertainment of the neighborhood. Get complimentary henna tattoos, try out a popular Eastern board game, visit spice stores, the Sikh Temple, and many more specialty stores.

Each stop will last around 20-30 minutes so as not to be rushed but still fit in all there is to offer. Ali and all of the business owners will answer any questions you have and ensure an eye opening experience. The tour will teach you all about the culture and background of Devon Avenue so that you can return to your favorite shops from the tour or try out some new ones in the neighborhood.

Spice of Life Tours Chicago
  • When: 11:30am-2:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays year round. 
  • Who: 15 people per tour. T
    hese tours are great for foodies of all interests and ages, but it's best for ages 17 and up. 
  • How Much: $65
    When you book online with the promo code WEB2013, you can get $5 off each ticket! 
  • How Much (Food): On the tour you’ll visit at least 4 ethnic eateries and specialty stores. The food tastings are satisfying enough to account for your lunch. 
  • How to Book: Book online (and be sure to use the promo code above!) to reserve the tour of your choice on your next vacation.

About Your Guide:

Owner and tour guide, Mohammad Ali, is Pakistan born and Devon Avenue bred. He loves to eat and better yet knows exactly where to eat. He makes the tour fun, interesting and informative. He has taught history in high schools in Chicago for 10 years and does a great job explaining the history of the food and the area. “Mohammad Ali’s Knock Out Guide to Devon Avenue” offers a breakdown of the street that he grew up on and that holds so much of his own culture.


A+ for this tour

This is the best food tour I have been on – a great combination of great food and learning about Indian culture.