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Steve's Segway Tours: Scavenger Hunts, Challenges and Tons of Fun!

5/1/13 | by

Experience all that Chicago has to offer on one of the most fun and cutting edge transportation modes available - a segway! With Steve’s Segway Tours, you’ll manage to squeeze a ton of sightseeing while you're in the city, and there are a variety of fun ways to do it.

This company has been leading entertaining and informative segway tours around Chicago for over 5 years, and has quickly become one of the must-do activities for visitors to the city.

Whether it's you're first time in Chicago, or you're looking for something new to experience, Steve has a tour for you.

Why Choose Steve’s Segway Tours?

There are tons of companies that offer Segway tours in Chicago, so why choose this one? Steve's Segway tours go the extra mile in entertainment, safety and value - that's why.

The Safety
Steve's Segway Tours always keep up with the latest in Segway technologies, to make longer and more effective tours available, and make it easier for everyone to learn how to safely maneuver quickly. Steve makes sure that's always looked after. The tour doesn't start until everyone feels secure on their Segway. The new i2 units make it easy for everyone to get acclimated quickly, but this team goes the extra mile to make sure every ride will have a good time, the whole time, and that starts with learning the ropes of riding your Segway.
The Experience
Once the tours are up and running, safety doesn't go out of mind. The 3-hour time limit for the tour won't mean that you'll miss things on your trip because someone held up the tour to start. These tour guides go the extra mile to make sure you see and experience all the wonderful things Chicago has to offer, and if that means staying a little extra to see it all, so be it. They make sure you get the best value for what you pay, and in reality, you get more than what you're paying for.
A Personal Touch
These experienced and enthusiastic tour guides go the extra mile to make these tours everything you want and more. They lead travelers to some of the most popular and interesting attractions in the area, and each of the guides get the best training so that your experience is one-of-a-kind and everything you hoped for. This is a smaller tour company than the rest, and these close-knit guides have a lot more to offer than some of the bigger companies do, which comes from their extensive training and Steve's Segways Tour's dedicated and caring mission to provide you with a wonderful experience. Each guide brings along a unique personality and charisma that makes learning about every Chicago attraction more fun than you ever could have imagined.  Expect a personal touch on each of the tours, which is something that might get lost with the bigger-run tour companies.

Segway Tours Offered

One of the biggest benefits in selecting a Steve’s Segway Tour is the wide variety of tours offered, as there is something certain to appeal to everyone’s interests. If seeing the top Chicago attractions is your priority, booking a ride on the Lakefront and Museum Campus tour is a must. This three hour tour is jam-packed with everyone’s favorite Windy City landmarks, including Grant Park and Museum Campus, with opportunities to stop and snap a few photos at Buckingham Fountain, Millennium Park, and more! Your knowledge of this fascinating city’s history, architecture and lore will grow exponentially on this tour.

Chicago’s architecture is renowned the world over, and its stunning skyline is one of its most recognizable features, which is why Steve’s Segway Architecture Tour is such a fantastic way to experience the city. One of the best times to go on this information-filled tour is on Sunday, as segways can traverse the usually busy sidewalks of the Loop on a less-crowded day, and riders can get close enough to examine the towering skyscrapers and historical buildings. Lovers of the macabre will be fascinated by the Haunted Chicago Tour, which lets visitors discover the city’s darker dimension and paranormal happenings. These are just a few of the wonderful tours offered by Steve’s Segway Tours.

Segway Scavenger Hunt

Wanting to try something completely different and unique on your next trip to Chicago? Steve’s Segway Tours will customize a Segway Scavenger hunt for your family and friends to partake in. They partner with One Plus One Events, which is the premier scavenger hunt company in the Chicago area so that their guests will have a fabulous time competing to find the hidden items. The group will be broken up into two teams, and will have a blast trying to out maneuver the opposing team in order to secure the victory.

The Segway Challenge

The Segway Challenge is another fun way to try riding a segway, searching for clues and sightseeing in Chicago, all in one exciting Amazing Race-like game. Each team has their own tour guide to accompany them in pursuit of the next clue and solving the puzzle. Team members keep their eye out for a list of “sights,” or can earn extra points by participating in a “challenge,” which consists of some sort of physical test. Whichever team completes all of the clues and tasks first wins, but everyone involved will have such a fun time taking in the sights of Chicago and competing against their friends and family that winning is just another perk.

Seeing the city of Chicago via segway is great compromise between walking and taking a bus or car - a segway allows guests to get up close to the various Windy City landmarks in the same way that walking does, but covers much more territory than simply being on foot would do so that you can check off as many top Chicago attractions on your “things to see” list as possible.

Steve’s Segway Tours manage to be informative, entertaining and something new, all while immersing their guests in the history of the city.

Booking one of these tours is a must for an upcoming Chicago vacation!