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Supernatural Chicago Show is typically on Fridays at 7.30pm

When to Go:
Going around Halloween time will give it that extra spooky edge

Age Restriction:
All ages are welcome, though is probably only suitable for ages 13+

Important Information:
Although anyone can attend the Chicago Supernatural Convention, only those age 21+ can gain access into the night club afterward

Quick Facts

  • Learn about Chicago's ghostly tales
  • Participate in parnormal themed activities
  • Dance the night away after the show at the Excalibur Night Club

632 N Dearborn St
Chicago, IL 60654
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Supernatural Chicago

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Fun and Spooky Supernatural Chicago is a Riveting Tour de Force of Haunted Chicago

Located in

North Side

Near North

Ticket Pricing

  • Adult Price


Features: Featured as a "1o Cool Things to Do" by the Chicago Sun-Times and popular with tourists and Chicago locals alike - this spooktacular show is one not to be missed. Distinguished necromancer Neil Tobin  reenacts and retells some of Chicago's most famous and intriguing ghost stories set against the backdrop of the historical Excalibur Night Club - which is reportedly one of Chicago's most haunted buildings. Be prepared to participate in paranormal themed activities at the Chicago Supernatural Convention and be blown away by Neil Tobin's apparent ability to mind read and perform magic.

After the show draws to a close, the night is far from over. All audience members age 21+ are entitled to two complimentary beverages and free entrance into the dance and bar area of Excalibur. So whether you are a paranormal enthusiast or just enjoy a good ghost yarn, check out Chicago Supernatural on your next visit to Chicago.

Why We Go: The Chicago Supernatural Convention is a unique evening activity and a great way to learn about Chicago's history and its ghostly population. Especially enjoyable around Halloween, this spooky night out is a must for any believer.

  • Location: Located in the reportedly most haunted building in Chicago, the setting at the Chicago Supernatural Convention makes this supernatural adventure extra eerie.
  • Top Value: All tickets for Supernatural Chicago purchased by those aged 21+ includes two beverages and entrance into the Excalibur Night Club.
  • Original: Where else can you attempt to contact the dead and then dance the night away in a night club? Supernatural Chicago Convention is a truly original experience.

Inside Knowledge: The Excalibur Night Club is one of the most haunted buildings in Chicago and was featured on A&E's "Sightings" as well as a host of other TV shows.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Have Fun: The Chicago SupernaturalConvention may give you the chills but can also be a lot of fun if you go in with an open mind.
  • Do Book Early: Typically only performed on Friday nights, Supernatural Chicago sells out quickly so make sure to book your tickets early.
  • Don't Bring the Kids: Although this Chicago show has no age restriction, it could be very scary for young children so it's probably best to make it an adults only evening.
  • Don't Go if Easily Offended: This show deals with paranormal themes which may be offensive to some, so only go if you are comfortable with the supernatural and all that this entails.