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  • Sweet Bird of Youth will open at the Chicago Albert Theater September 2012.
  • This Tennessee Williams play is a humorous take on the story of the relationship between a gigolo and an actress.
  • Diane Lane and Finn Wittrock are playing the two leading roles in Sweet Bird of Youth.


Show Dates:
Sept. 15 - Oct. 28, 2012

Albert Theater
170 N Dearborn
Chicago, Illinois 60601
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Sweet Bird of Youth

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Features: Sweet Bird of Youth is a Tennessee Williams play about a Princess/actress and a drifter. While this is a story of deception and defeat, the whole play is dripping with humor, and the star studded cast is sure to impress. Don't miss Diane Lane and Finn Wittrock in one of the best Chicago shows of the year!

Why We Go: Not only is this a great story by a timeless play write, but the acting is unmatched! This is truly one of the best Chicago shows of this time!

  • Great Casting: You wouldn't expect to see these movie stars in any Chicago shows, but Oscar Nominee Diane Lane (The Perfect Storm, Unfaithful) and Broadway star Finn Wittrock (Death of a Salesman, All My Children) are gracing the Chicago Albert Theater with their presence, and you're not going to want to miss it!
  • Humorous Plot: Tennessee Williams wrote this play over 50 years ago, but everyone in the audience is in for quite a few laughs along the way. Some humor is timeless, and the story of a faded actress and gigolo is obviously one of those funny stories that will never grow old.
  • Cozy Theater: The Chicago Albert Theater is home to some of the best Chicago shows, and it's easy to enjoy every show in these comfy seats - without a bad seat in the house!

Inside Knowledge: Sweet Bird of Youth has two stars in the lead roles, but the director is very famed as well! David Cramer is also the director of "Our Town" but is best known as the writer of the hit TV series "Friends." Before he decided on directing Sweet Bird of Youth, he was going to direct a play on Broadway with Nicole Kidman and James Franco. Lucky for us, that has yet to happen, so we can enjoy this great Chicago show!

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Leave The Kids At Home: This is one of the Chicago shows that kids are more than welcome to come to if they'd like, but there are a few racy comments and the play was originally written in 1959. It's been updated since then, but there are plenty of other things to do in Chicago with kids - this isn't one of them.
  • Do Buy Your Tickets Online: Be sure to get your tickets in advance, just in case, but when you buy your tickets online, you can usually also find some discount Chicago show tickets to make this night even better!
  • Don't Come To Late: If you're driving to the Chicago Albert Theater, just keep in mind that you're coming to see a show in Downtown Chicago, so parking is sparse and you're probably going to have to pay. Don't miss the opening scenes of Sweet Bird of Youth because you're circling the block!
  • Don't Starve Yourself: There are refreshments sold in the lobby, but there are also tons of great Chicago restaurants nearby! Restaurants like Catch 35 and Frontera Fresco never disappoint before seeing any Chicago shows!