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A Chicago walking tour is a popular summertime tourist activity, and there are plenty to choose from. Many tours of Chicago are specialty tours with a specific focus. Below are just some of the many specialty Chicago walking tours that are offered.

  • Wrigley Field Tours are sure to be a hit with Chicago sports fans. These Chicago walking tours take guests to a number of stadium stops including the press box, clubhouses, and the dugouts.    

Neighborhood Tours

Neighborhood tours are a great way to learn more about a specific area and its history. Neighborhood walking tours in Chicago take guests into the heart of the many different communities in Chicago. The professional guides provide an insider's look at the traditions, stories and people of Chicago, and offer interesting tidbits of information to go along with it. 

There are a number of great walking tours of Chicago that cover many of the city's neighborhoods, including Old Town, Lincoln Park, and the Magnificent Mile for some great Chicago shopping. Tour times range in length so be sure to pick one that it right for your level of fitness. Most tours do not offer food or beverages, so guests are welcome to bring their own snacks along with them, and make sure to dress appropriately as the weather in Chicago can be changeable.

A Chicago neighborhood tour will show you around some of the top Chicago attractions, so what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of comfy shoes and get walking! 

Ghost Tours in Chicago

You don't have to wait until Halloween to see ghosts. There are several ghostly Chicago walking tours that specialize in hunting down the paranormal. Tours focus on several haunted locations in Chicago where the souls of the departed are said to inhabit. Some of them are well known to be haunted, while other haunted locations are relatively unknown to the general public. During the duration of this exciting tour, guests are invited to use ghost hunting equipment, such as cameras, sensors, and heat detectors to try and discover spirit activity. 

Each tour group is accompanied by veteran paranormal investigators that will help guests talk to the dead. Ghostly sightings are not guaranteed on the tours, but what is guaranteed is that guests will learn all about Chicago's fascinating history, and its often dark and troubled past.

No matter what time of year you visit the Windy City, these paranormal tours are one of the most popular Chicago walking tours around, so make sure to book ahead.  

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Chicago Favorites Food Tour

Adult Price

Tastebud Food Tours
ActiveoffoffoffCulturalFamily FriendlyHistoricoffoffoffSights of Chicagooffoffoffoffoff

Adult Price

Chicago Pizza Tours
offoffoffoffoffFamily Friendlyoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoff

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Shoreline Sightseeing
ActiveoffoffoffoffFamily FriendlyoffoffoffoffSights of ChicagooffScenicoffoffoff

Adult Price

Chinatown Food & Culture Tour
ActiveoffoffoffCulturalFamily FriendlyoffoffoffoffSights of Chicagooffoffoffoffoff

Adult Price

Chicago River Walking Tour
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Adult Price

Comedy & Craft Beer Tour

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Interior Architecture Tour
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Historic Chicago Bar Tour

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Best Architecture Walking Tour
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Tastebud Tour Chicago

With so many wonderful Chicago walking tours, it is hard to just pick one. Many tours have a specific focus, be it on local theaters, Chicago architecture, or discovering the many ghosts that roam the streets of the Windy City. Other walking tours of Chicago, such as a shopping tour or a food tour, are just two of the many walking tours in Chicago that take groups of like-minded people around the city.

No matter which one of the walking tours of Chicago that you pick, one thing is for sure - you'll see and learn more about the city with one of the many Chicago walking tours than you ever would on your own. 

There are many ways to tour Chicago, but the walking tours help give you the exercise you don't always get on vacation in a way that's actually enjoyable.

Before you book your walking tour of Chicago, be sure to check out all the current Chicago tour deals so that you can tour the city at a discounted price, or get special bonuses on your tour for free! If you can't find a deal on the tour you want, check out the rest of our Chicago deals to see if you can find a discount to some top Chicago attractions and walk the city on your own, or if there are any Chicago hotel deals and packages that include a tour with your stay! There are tons of great ways to save on your trip to Chicago and still do and see everything you want!