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Chicago's Waxwing Puzzle Company will make you feel like a kid again!

2/20/14 | by

Who says we have to grow up? Not Waxwing Puzzle Company. Go back to simpler times and enjoy the rush of finding that first clue in the treasure hunt, or that feeling that comes when you’ve made a necessary alliance when all that seems to matter is that flag on the enemy line. Waxwing Puzzle Company gives you that feeling again, with awesome games that are perfect for team building, Chicago trips, or just a fun time with some friends.


Step back in time with Waxwing’s speakeasy game and immerse yourself in the rich history of prohibition era Chicago. Players are assigned secret roles either as a mobster or a federal agent, and are thrown into a social game of murder mystery. Grab a group of friends and jump back to the prohibition years in Chicago.


Explore Chicago the best way possible, on a Waxwing Puzzle Company treasure hunt! The scavenger hunt takes a couple of hours, and has Chicago Travelers exploring the Chicago Pedway (the underground tunnels below the streets of downtown Chicago). Find the clues and figure out what is at the end of the Labyrinth.

Spy Game

If you like mystery, you’ll be crazy about the spy game at Waxwing Puzzle Company. The game starts when the players meet a certain contact at a certain place. Players are given a Bond-like task (follow someone through a crowded area, or surveilling a business), and encounter different twists that deter the mission from being completed. Make alliances, develop spy skills, and end the game as James Bond rather than Scaramanga.


One of our favorite games at Waxwing Puzzle Company - the Ambush. The game can last as long as it takes, from one hour to one week. The premise is this: you have a picture of someone (could be someone you don’t know), and a lethal weapon (otherwise known as a squirt gun). You are looking for the face in the picture in order to eliminate them (you know, squirt gun fun). But wait! Someone is also looking for you…

Custom Games

The team at Waxwing Puzzle Company specializes in creating the most fun, most original, and interesting games. Whether you are in town for business and you want a custom-built team building puzzle, or are just looking for something fun to do this weekend, Waxwing Puzzle Company has the game for you.

How it Works

Waxwing Puzzle Company makes it easy to find the best game/puzzle for you and your group. Simpy email to schedule a game, or talk to the puzzle pros about designing a custom game. 

Waxwing Puzzle Company

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