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Weird Chicago Tours Offer a Fascinating Glimpse At the City’s Dark Side

3/28/13 | by

Chicago is a city filled with fantastic tourist attractions and wonderful architecture, a beautiful skyline and delicious food. These are the things that many people enjoy seeing on the tours of Chicago, but the tourists that stick to the daytime tours of the top attractions are missing out on a huge part of Chicago's appeal. It’s also a city jam-packed with history and strange happenings, and exploring this darker dimension of the Windy City can add an exciting element to any trip.

Lovers of the paranormal, true crime and odd local lore will feel at home on one of the Weird Chicago Tours.

Why Weird Chicago Tours?

Weird Chicago Tours will leave guests feeling chilled and thrilled as the guides on these tours share their wealth of knowledge about the city’s paranormal and crime-ridden history. The company touts their tours as the “wildest, scariest, creepiest, sexiest, weirdest way to see Chicago,” and based on personal testimonials this statement is definitely true. Visitors can choose from one of a multitude of tours depending on what sparks their particular interest.

Many say that on top of all of the spooky things they'll learn and see on the tour, what really makes this an entertaining few hours are the tour guides. They may be some of the best storytellers in Chicago, and provide the perfect sense of adventure on a night tour. The Weird Chicago tour guides are engaging and entertaining, delivering the perfect amount of information, with plenty of history and interesting details about everything you're dying to know, without talking your ears off the way some city tours seem to do it.

Which Weird Tour is Right For You?

Fans of ghosts and anything spooky will have a fabulous time on the Weird and Haunted Tour. Even skeptics may be won over on this creepy look at Chicago which combines paranormal activity with gangsters and more. Step into some of the eeriest places in the country as your Weird Chicago guide enthralls the group by sharing ghoulish tidbits mixed with fascinating history. Expect some goosebumps as you’ll get to snap some photos, and even those who went on the tour with some trepidation often report mysterious images making an appearance in their photos.

Weird Chicago Tours

The Blood, Guns and Valentines Tour explores the city’s grisly past of the days when Al Capone and other prohibition-era gangsters were rampant around the city, and isn’t for the squeamish or for the faint of heart. The Devil and the White City Tour is an unsettling but extremely interesting look at one of Chicago’s most depraved criminals, HH Holmes, who turned 1890’s Chicago into playground for his disturbing killing needs. The Red Light District Sex Tour is pretty self-explanatory; it’s a peek at Chicago’s naughty side and takes its guests around to the kinkiest spots in the city. Private Tours are available as well for anyone would prefer a more intimate tour of Chicago’s dark underbelly.

What You Need to Know

How long: Each tour is approximately three hours long, and you will be hopping on and off a bus all over the city.
When and Where: The tours are offered regularly on Friday and Saturday nights at 7 pm, and 3 pm on Saturdays, but additional dates and times have been added to the rotation due to popular demand, so definitely check out the Weird Chicago website for additional information. It departs from McDonalds at 600 North Clark Street, which is between Ontario and Ohio streets and is across the street from the Hard Rock Cafe and the Rainforest Cafe. 
Who can come: Children over the age of ten are allowed on the tours, but parents will want to use their own discretion as to what their child is mature enough to handle, as a lot of the material covered is of a graphic nature and may induce some nightmares.
Celebrating something special? You can get weird with your best girlfriends on a Weird Chicago Bachelorette Party Tour. These tours can be customized just for your group to include all the things you want (and don't) on your final night of freedom. Turn up the sexy, turn down the scary, whatever you want to do.
You don't have to be a bachelorette to book a private tour though - they're available 7 days a week!
How to reserve: Make a reservation online to secure your spot on one of these great tours.
Price: Each tour is $30 per person, and children 12 and under are just $20.

Even if the most jaded Chicago travelers will want to check out one of these Weird Chicago tours for a totally different perspective on the Windy City.