Chicago Museums

You may already know that New York, London, Rome, Paris, and Washington D.C. offer outstanding museum exhibits for their global travelers. Here’s a secret: buried deep in the heart of America, the Windy City offers unrivaled scientific, industrial, and cultural masterpieces that must be seen first-hand to be believed.

American artworks from the nation’s founding to the most modern of designs are waiting to be encountered. Consider some of the contrast to be found between two of Chicago’s most famous works; “American Gothic” portrays the austere lifestyle of rural farmers. “Nighthawks” relates a scene from an urban street corner. But you’ll also turn corners to find the great Impressionists of Europe, sculptures and urns alongside medieval and Renaissance artists. Powerhouse artist’s works from African American, Mexican, and Puerto Rican backgrounds can be found on display in museums focused on specific cultures. Away from the portraits, fans of photography, radio, and television will find just what they’re looking for tucked away at museums dedicated to those arts.

If you’re of a more scientific frame of mind, you can explore one of the largest natural history museums in the world, uncover the stars in the sky, and allow history to unfold before your eyes. Would you like to see the ancient Pharaoh’s mummies? Perhaps you’re intrigued by the huge tablets of the Assyrians. Or maybe you want to know more about your Swedish, African American, or Greek heritage? There’s no shortage of specialty museums offering everything from a celebration of baseball to the greatest architectural works ever constructed.

By the way- if you’re planning a visit and you happen to be an Illinois resident, be sure to check out your favorite museum’s schedule online. Many of the museums listed offer free visits for kids or everyone in the group on certain days and times. This is especially true on specific holidays.