Chicago Food and Drink Tours

Midwesterners know how to weather bleak, long winters: with lovingly crafted, down-home American food. For those who partake, a locally crafted frothy beer takes the edge off a long work day as well. Chicago, Illinois is the Great Lakes capital of American foods, and it takes a well-heeled guide to correctly lead you to the best offerings during your pleasant visit.

Every Chicago food tour enjoys a specialization and may combine different dining and experience combinations in their offerings. If you have a thirst for handcrafted beverages, there are tours designed to take advantage of the region’s long love affair with brewing. You’ll discover those secret bars, speakeasies, and pubs slightly off the beaten path but high in quality and flavor. Rather than waste time at chains, you’ll be served in locally-owned spots with a chance to sample bacon, pizza, hot dogs, or whatever else happens to be on the menu at these establishments.

Some tours concentrate on neighborhood eats; the best burgers, donuts, popcorn, and pizza, all sure to tempt your taste buds. A few tours add a historic flavor to the visit, as guides explain how dining options formed up during the famed World’s Food Fair of 1893. Tours offer benefits such as small groups and companionship, skipping lines a popular tourist locales like Navy Pier, and a complete explanation of the culinary history and architecture of the restaurants.

If you’re concerned about packing on the calories and feeling tired from overeating, you needn’t worry. There’s plenty of opportunity to exercise between stops, and you can choose how much you want to indulge or overindulge. These dining and drinking tours are generally walking tours from one fun destination to another, though there are also biking tours that combine the hedonism of pub dining and the joy of cycling.

  • Chicago Food Planet Tours: This well-rated tour focuses on locales like Navy Pier, the West Loop, and Chinatown when guiding hungry tourists through town.
  • Chicago Beer Experience Tours: Three locations and three tours with a guide who knows the brews and news surrounding these Chicago sites.
  • Chicago Detours: Tour guides fill you in as you fill up on pub grub or market food from Chicago’s historic neighborhoods.
  • Tastebud Tours: Three different three hour tours with five to six stops, each is sure to satisfy visitors exploring Chicago cuisine.
  • Bobby’s Bike Hike: Get yourself good and hungry with the Bikes, Bites, and Brew tour by pedaling your path to comfort food.