Chicago Bike Tours

The Midwest in summer, spring, and fall can be a magical, breezy place for tourists to visit. If you and your travel companions are in reasonable shape, understand how to stay upright on a bike, and you want to take in this dynamic landscape with speed and style, there’s no better way to zip through the city than by bike rental.

Feel the wind along Lake Michigan, the Magnificent Mile, or along the Chicago River as you and your friends burn off those pizza and burger calories one mile at a time. You’ll cover ground quickly, break a sweat, but not break the bank with these professional bike rental firms and tour operators. While Chicago is in a northerly climate, spring, summer, and especially fall are ideal times for a tour. Even in winter, there are gaps when the lack of snow and ice make bike tours enjoyable.

There’s a hidden bonus in biking through Chicago that many other cities can’t provide. If you want to get in a strenuous a workout but not break your back on steep hills, the Windy City is exceptionally flat compared to most American cities. Take tours at your own leisurely pace and never hurry, as you want to get the most out of your journey. After all it’s not a race!

Concerned because you don’t have the gear to cycle or know the city that well? There’s no need to worry. Tour operators and renters want you to be safe, to take care of the equipment, and not get lost. No need to worry about equipment: both of these tours include a helmet, lock, and free map. Everything is taken care of for you, so expect that whichever experience you choose you’ll have reliable support from tour operators and bike rental agencies.

  • Bike and Roll: Also a Segway operator, Bike and Roll offers a wide selection of rental bicycles and pleasant tours at one of three locations.
  • Bobby’s Bike Hike: Choose one of a number of tours that best suits the kid, foodie, or history buff in your party.