Chicago Tours

By boat, by boot, and by bike- there’s every option for seeing Chicago during your visit that you can possibly imagine. It’s entirely up to you how you want to experience your vacation, and these tour operators are committed to providing satisfying, safe, and charming memories during your stay. All you have to do is decide what matters most to you for your visit and how you’re willing to get there.

If you want to see as much as possible and just want to take in the highlights, speed could be a factor. You’ll find bus tours, including those that combine the drive with can’t-be-missed stops, resolve a lot of those issues for you. While you won’t interact with sites in the same way, the city’s many boat and helicopter tour operators want you to take in all of Chicago from a perspective few people get to enjoy.

If you don’t mind getting to know the city with a little exercise, there are bike and walking tours which provide a more localized perspective. The Segway allows those who don’t like to walk or bike but still want the get close to the sights.

But tours aren’t all about how you get there; let’s not forget about what you want to actually do and see on your tour! Popular tours explore the mouthwatering tastes of Chicago’s food, beer, and especially her well-known and loved pizza. Dieters be warned; the Midwest is known for piling on the cheese and meats, and isn’t shy about providing big portions! History lovers may prefer to learn about the notorious crime waves that once plagued law-abiding citizens, the fire that started by Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, and the story behind how and why the great city’s buildings rose higher and higher into the firmament.

Chicago Boat Tours

Sail the inland freshwater sea or the winding river and uncover Chicago’s close connection to water, trade, and brilliant architecture.

Chicago Crime Tours

Al Capone is long gone, but the impact the gangs, bank robbers, and murderers have had on the city has echoed through the decades.

Chicago Bike Tours

Glide through the streets with an expert guide as you take in the tastes and history at a peddler’s pace.

Chicago Food Tours

Chinese, Vietnamese, popcorn, beer, burgers, and yes, pizza- foodies and hedonists rejoice with this tour of Chicago’s many flavorful stops.

Chicago Pizza Tours

There are dozens of pie styles and associated neighborhoods enjoyed beyond the famed deep dish- even New York and Detroit are welcome here.

Chicago Helicopter tours

From up on high, helicopters take in all the city in only a glance, letting you know what you’re seeing from afar.

Chicago Walking Tours

Step by step, you’re sure to encounter something new by closely checking up a neighborhood or two of the Midwest’s beating heart.

Chicago Segway Tours

Roll in effortless comfort through town, thanks to a Segway and expert guides to show you the way to food and fun.

Chicago Bus Tours

Safe from the elements, the bus is an excellent and quick way to take in Chicago as quickly as possible.

Chicago Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tours

Mix in a walking with riding, you and your friends will see the city and see key locations with these tours.

Chicago Architecture Tours

Your appetite will be sated if you’ve come to see a selection of several of the world’s finest skyscrapers.