Chicago Pizza Tours

It’s no secret that kids love pizza. Why not take a tour that caters specifically to the culinary kid in all of us by sampling the Midwest’s premium deep-dish slices of cheesy goodness? The family and your taste buds will thank you!

You simply can’t end your excursion to Chicago without trying all the best pizzas baked that day. Yes, they make them in a fashion that’s extremely different from New York-style, and the great debate over which is superior is a decision that you can only be informed about by taste-testing pizza masterpieces by the city’s most dedicated chefs. After you get home, you’ll be able to regale friends with stories of gooey mozzarella, buttery crusts, and sauces with just the right blend of herbs and toppings to flavor it.

Pizza tasting tours allow you to sample a wide selection of incredible signature pies, each a unique statement about the culinary preferences of your adopted city’s numerous neighborhoods. While Chicago has a well-earned reputation for its almost casserole size deep dish pizzas, you’ll want to sample South Side Tavern style, Sicilian, Stuffed, Neapolitan, Artisan, Roman, and even the invading fellow Midwestern Detroit-style pies. They’ll also serve to help fuel the rest of your tour just around lunch time!

You can pair your tour with a walk guiding you through Chicago’s notorious Prohibition era gang history, by relaxing onboard a double-decker bus, or skip history and focus on a long, leisurely walk through fun communities such as the West Loop or Wicker Park and Bucktown. You won’t have to worry about getting lost between shops, and your guide will fill you in on the all the essential details of what you’re seeing, experiencing, smelling and tasting. This will be one walk you won’t hear your kids complain about on vacation!

  • Chicago Pizza Tours: Dine like a true local as this nearly decade-long operator guides you neighborhood by neighborhood through the tastiest pie experiences.
  • Pizza City USA: Forget about trying to figure out the best pizza joints; take the tour and try them all in multiple delicious styles!