Chicago Pizza Tours

For many years Chicago has been renowned for its architecture, cultural scene and…pizza! Chicago Pizza Tours gives visitors the opportunity to explore local neighborhoods while visiting authentic local pizza joints and hearing all of their fascinating stories.

Beginning in 2009, Chicago Pizza Tours became the first food tour company in the city that focused strictly on the world of pizza. Visitors and locals alike can enjoy a superior pizza experience through tours designed by local Chicago pizza enthusiast, Jonathan Porter. The company has grown from a one-man show to more than ten employees and several buses as well as activities of different styles.

Types of Chicago Pizza Tours

Just by the name it’s obvious that Chicago Pizza Tours knows what they are good at! Whether during the day or in the evening, blending food with the experience of Chicago results in a significant amount of fun. Since the tours typically remain at about 20 guests, the groups are intimate enough to have a good time and fit into the smaller restaurants.

Pizza and Cocktails tours allow visitors to feel like locals as they take in some of the best that the city has to offer. Ordering and logistics are taken care of by the guide and driver while guests learn the benefits of pairing certain flavors of food with wine or beer. 

Tasting the biggest and the best, one tour offers the opportunities to contrast differences in slices while, in between, exploring River North, the Loop and the Magnificent Mile. Walking in between the pizza places helps to burn off those calories so that guest can—enjoy more pizza!

What You’ll Experience with Chicago Pizza Tours

Some of the most famed, mouth-watering pizza places in Chicago are included in Chicago Pizza Tours routes, including:

  • Exchequer (where Al Capone used to run a speakeasy)
  • Pizzeria Serio (wood fired pizza with ingredients sourced from Italy)
  • Labriola/Stan’s Donuts (this premier artisan baker also delivers on the donuts)
  • Lou Malnati’s (a significant pizzeria in the Gold Coast district of Chicago)
  • Flo & Santo’s (“south side” thin crust, tavern style pizzeria with Italian and Polish backgrounds)
  • Paulie Gee’s Logan Square (with influences from Naples)
  • Bacino’s (ultra-fresh, stuffed pizza with fresh ingredients)
  • Pizano’s (with family ties to the creation of the deep-dish pizza in 1943)

Some of the neighborhoods guests will enjoy on their journeys may include:

Chicago Pizza Tours Services

As the name implies, Chicago Pizza Tours does pizza tours of Chicago! Most tours are made up of small groups with the city’s foodie culture in mind. Tours typically meet at the first restaurant and then include transportation on a mini bus from one location to the next.

Private tours are also available for small groups and can be customized to meet specific needs.

Chicago Pizza Tours Timing

Typical tours run for around 3 ½ hours, but a specific end time cannot be guaranteed due to city traffic and unpredictable restaurant times. Because of this, it is wise to budget extra time at the end in case a tour runs over on time. Because most of the tours are spent inside the bus or restaurant, tours run all year long no matter the weather.

Chicago Pizza Tours Considerations

Some of the things you might need to know before reserving tickets too a Chicago Pizza Tour include:

  • Meeting places and times vary depending on the particular tour chosen, so be sure to get the details in advance and allow time for parking. The tour won’t wait for late guests!
  • For legal reasons, certain tours that serve alcohol are restricted to guests age 21 and older.
  • Most tours stop at either three or four pizzerias, so guests should be sure to arrive hungry!
  • Contact the tour company before booking in order to verify that dietary restrictions and allergies will not be a problem.
  • Water is provided at restaurants, which means that guests should bring money if they plan to purchase other types of beverages.
  • Vehicles for Chicago Pizza Tours are smaller and not wheelchair accessible.
  • Tours are only available in English.
  • Ask for discounts for children ages 12 and under.
  • Gratuities for servers and bartenders at restaurants are covered in the ticket price. Guests who would like to tip their tour guide and driver may do so (industry standard is 15%-20%).
  • Tours must be booked in advance and no walk-up traffic is accepted on the day of tours.

Book a Chicago Pizza Tour

Tickets for Chicago Pizza Tours should be purchased in advance online. Tours often sell out. Booking is easy online. Online bookings show weekly availability including tour times as well as revealing tours that are already sold out. Pay for your tour in advance with a credit card and receive an email with all of the information you need about where and when tours meet as well as what to expect.

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