Chicago Helicopter Tours

No Chicago tour offers a better and more commanding view of the city by the lake than a professionally guided helicopter tour. You and your loved ones can take to the air, soar high over the long freshwater Lake Michigan, Chicago river, and mighty skyscrapers, and uncover the entire city at your feet high in the sky.

Helicopter tours involve more expense than bus, boat, bike, Segway, or walking tour, but in exchange for the cost you receive an unrivaled experience. You won’t need to wear out your valuable shoe leather or be stuck at ground level with your sightline blocked by buildings. Instead, you’ll take photos of outstanding views at all angles from up high and carry memories for a lifetime thanks to your exciting helicopter tour. Luxury helicopters can seat up to six passengers or be more privately accommodate a couple’s night.

During the day light hours, you’ll see how the sunlight plays across high rise glass right at your eye-level. When the sky goes dark, the city below twinkles with lights spanning as far as the horizon and stretching into the Illinois prairie. You’ll spy boats and ships sailing far away on Lake Michigan, and marvel at the traffic zipping along Lake Shore Drive. You’ll know the shape and beauty of this sprawling, living city from a perspective few will ever enjoy.

Before you take off for your amazing appointment with the heavens and after you set down safely at the helipad, be sure to get pictures taken with you and the whirlybird. Those snaps will be the envy of your whole social media network. You’ll look back on them fondly too, as the combined experience of flight, an interactive skyline just within reach, and the elation of discovery is sure to be a highlight of any visit to Chicago.

  • Chicago Helicopter Experience: Whether seeing the city during the day, night, or on a date, this service focuses on the memories you’ll make above Chicago.
  • Rotozen Helicopters: Taking in all the major sites, this tour operator can be privately or even commercially booked depending on your needs.