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Popular Chicago Tours

Popular Chicago Tours

Are you ready to see the city riding on a bike? Chicago bike rentals and Chicago bike tours have taken off! Rent a bike for the afternoon and tour the Windy City. Below are some fun options for bike tours Chicago.

  • Bobby's Bike Hike: Known as one of the most popular Chicago bike tours, Bobby's Bike Hike departs just 2 blocks West of Navy Pier and takes guests on a whirl-wind cycling tour of Chicago's great parks, lakefront, and more. This Chicago bike tour has enthusiastic guides who explain the Windy City's great history. This Chicago bike tour is also family friendly and includes helmets and bikes. Get your exercise as you tour this incredible city!
  • Chicago B-Cycle: It's as simple as signing in, grabbing a bike, riding around town, and parking your bike back at ANY B-station. How cool is that? Take your pick of any bike in their collection, tour the city and then bring it back. Enjoy cycling around town and return the bike to the nearest and most convenient of bike stations to you.

Bikes, Surrys, and Segways

Bike and Roll: Don't feel like wandering the Windy City on foot? Try renting a bicycle, surry, or Segway. Take your pick and head out on a great tour of the city. Have an adventure no matter what mode of transportation you choose. Since you will be riding around, you'll be able to cover more distance at a faster pace than if you were walking. Enjoy seeing all of the unique and incredible architecture specific to Chicago. Surrys provide fun for the entire family since all of those in the Surry have to pedal and control this multi-person bike. Alternatively, check out a Segway scooter for a truly unique way of touring the city.

While rolling around town, be sure to check out the lakefront bike tour or the bikes at night tour. Come out and see the glittering skyline while roaming around on this bike tour Chicago.

As for Segway tours, be sure to come and ride away into the sunset on the sunset tour or if you're early riser, jump on the early bird tour as well.

Another option for these Chicago bike tours is to organize a group and head out for a wonderful Chicago adventure.

Bike and Vespa Rentals

Attempting to figure out a fun activity to do while in Chicago? Try renting bikes or Vespas and go sightseeing on your own! You'll also have the option of booking a bike tour Chicago. Enjoy the bike tours Chicago has to offer when spending time in the Windy City.
  • Bike Rentals: With  a variety of bike rental locations including Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Riverwalk, and Foster Beach. Enjoy being able to grab you bike of choice, be it mountain, comfort or trek along with any accessories you may need such as baskets and buggies for children. When renting bikes, you'll also have the opportunity to book a Chicago bike tour that leaves from Navy Pier or Millennium Park. Chicago bike tours allow you to get out into the city in a way that driving in car won't let you. In other words, you'll be able to see a bunch of smaller local sights in addition to the main attractions! Go ahead and book your Chicago bike tour today! 
  • Vespa Rentals: What better way to tour Chicago than by driving around the city yourself. As long as you have a valid driver's license and are over the age of 18, you will be good to go. Hop on one of these fun rides and enjoy riding around the city on your own personal Chicago bike tour. Along with other Chicago bike tours renting a Vespa is sure to save you time, money on gas, and parking. Have a ball on one of these scooters!
Chicago Travel Info
  Venue Info Price
Lakefront Bicycle Tour
ActiveoffoffoffoffFamily FriendlyoffoffoffoffSights of Chicagooffoffoffoffoff

Adult Price

Bikes, Bites & Brews Tour
ActiveoffoffoffoffoffHistoricoffoffoffSights of ChicagooffScenicoffoffoff

Adult Price

Bike and Roll Chicago
ActiveoffoffoffoffFamily FriendlyoffoffoffoffSights of ChicagooffScenicoffoffoff

Adult Price

Lakefront Neighborhoods Tour
ActiveoffoffoffoffFamily FriendlyoffoffoffoffSights of ChicagooffScenicoffoffoff

Adult Price

Chicago Bike Tour
ActiveoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffSights of ChicagooffScenicoffoffoff

Adult Price


Are you ready to ride around Chicago? Hop on a Chicago bike tour and start cycling around the city! You are sure to have a great time on any of the Chicago bike tours you choose to attend. Grab a bike and go!

Don't forget to check out Vespa rentals too! Just make sure you have a valid driver's license and are at least 18 years old!

You'll also have the option of touring Chicago via surry or Segway. Check out the sunset, early bird, and amazing lakefront tours as well.

Enjoy touring Chicago no matter what mode of transportation you take. You are certainly sure to love these and other Chicago bike tours!

Biking is not the only way to tour the city! Check out all the best Chicago tours that are offered, and all the current Chicago tour deals to make every one more affordable!