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Behind-the-Scenes Pizza Tour Chicago

Behind The Scenes Pizza Tour Chicago IL

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3 Hours, 30 Minutes

When to Go:
Year Round

Tour Highlights:
The four most famous pizzerias in Chicago

Age Restriction:
All ages welcome.

Quick Facts

  • If one slice of pizza just isn't enough for you, get ready for the Behind-the-Scenes Pizza Tour Chicago, where you'll visit four of Chicago's most famous pizzerias and get a slice from each!
  • These Chicago food tours take you to different pizzerias in an air-conditioned bus, so try to get a window seat and see the Chicago sights you pass by!
  • As you travel from place you place, you'll drive past some of the top Chicago sights, but what's even cooler is while you're at each pizzeria, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at the kitchens where they prepare those delicious slices of heaven!

Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60602
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Behind-the-Scenes Pizza Tour Chicago

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Try not one, not two, but FOUR different pizzerias on these Chicago food tours!

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Features: You can get up close and personal with the pizza on one of the best Chicago food tours in town! Go behind the scenes in kitchens of four of the best Chicago pizzerias! Not only do you get to see where the magic happens, but you get to try a slice from each place you visit! Everyone has a favorite pizza place in Chicago - these Chicago tours will help you find yours!

Why We Go: Chicago food tours are one of the best things to do in Chicago, because they combine two of the best things the city has - the food and the sightseeing!

  • Four Different Pizzas: While Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza, every pizzeria prepares it a little different. Sample four different slices and decide which place does deep dish pizza best!
  • A Look Inside: The Behind-the-Scenes Pizza Tour Chicago takes you into the kitchens to get a look at how their pizzas are created. All foodies will enjoy seeing the special techniques that make every pizza different and delicious!
  • Sightseeing In Chicago: While you drive from place to place, your expert guide will teach you all there is to know about the pizza of Chicago, as you're driving by some of the biggest Chicago attractions to visit later!

Inside Knowledge: There are tons of different styles of pizza you can try on your tour. From the famous Chicago deep dish pizza, to the tavern-style thin crust pizza and the wood-burned Neapolitan pizza. Sample them all on your next Chicago vacation!

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Find Your Favorite Pizzeria: These Chicago tours are the best way to try a variety of pizza places in Chicago so that you can discover your favorite one! Don't just limit yourself to one pizza place a night (or one a trip) when you can try four in just one afternoon!
  • Do Ask Questions: You get to go backstage and see how the chefs prepare their pizzas. Ask your tour guide and the chefs any questions you have about their pizzas so maybe you can learn to recreate it at home! That's the best thing to take home with you from Chicago!
  • Don't Expect a Crowd: These are small group tours, so things will be friendly and fun, but you don't have to worry about waiting in a long line for the pizza or not having a good view of the chefs at work. You'll get a front row seat for it all!
  • Don't Eat Before You Come: Obviously you'll be doing a lot of eating on your tour, so eat a light breakfast so you have plenty of room for 4 slices of pie!