Lake Michigan Boat Tours

There are few things more relaxing in life than kicking back on a boat on Lake Michigan and taking in the scenic beauty of Chicagoland, especially during the summer or autumn months. While your captain and the crew maneuver the craft along Illinois’ sandy shoreline, you get to enjoy memorable views of the city’s amazing towers without having to work up a sweat. It’s a side of Chicago many tourists don’t get to see when they’re down in the valley of the skyscrapers looking up. While on your cruise, you’ll see a skyline that ranges from 311 S. Wacker to the soaring Aon Center and a dozen major structures in-between.

When booking a Lake Michigan boat tour of Chicago’s fantastic architecture, you should bear in mind a number of things that can make your trip more enjoyable. There are a wide variety of cruise ships types to consider; a traditional four-masted schooner, an open-top tour boat, or a more traditional cruise boat with an interior may be more your style. Pay attention to the weather before you arrive and make sure you are dressed appropriately and ready to sail. It almost always a bit cooler on the water. Cruises tend to run from April to November, though they may run longer in depeding on the weather. You will find a few cruises that run year-round. Mind all safety guidance and listen to the crew when so instructed.

As far as amenities go, ship experiences will vary based on the line. Certain cruises may be pet-friendly. Some cruises are BYOB while others offer breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. There may be games and dancing. Booking a Lake Michigan boat tour for your next visit to Chicago is a fantastic way to take in the sights, whether by a normal tour, a group tour, or by a private excursion. Several cruises offer the ability to book for weddings, birthdays, school and corporate events.

  • Tall Ship Windy: Return to the exciting sailing days of yore by exploring the shore by tall ship accompanied by fireworks or concerts.
  • Chicago Line Cruises: This cruise offers fun with cocktails, jazz, architecture, and glimpses of the Windy City’s past.
  • Odyssey Cruises: If you enjoy plated meals, dance, or are shopping for a wedding on the water, this Chicago cruise service has it all.
  • Seadog Cruises: If you are you up for a full 360 degree spin or a speedy race up and down the shoreline, look no further.
  • Shoreline Sightseeing: With more cruise ships than their competitors, this service offers narrated river and lake voyages with architecture and fireworks highlights.
  • Wendella Sightseeing: This longest-lived cruise operator offers well-informed narrated tours, private events, and cruises featuring beer and BBQ or wine and cheese.