Spring Sports in Chicago

No matter where you live, the return of spring occupies a special place on the calendar each year. The sun is shining again, the days are getting longer, and the temperature is steadily rising. We’re all trading our puffy coats and scarves for short sleeves and sandals, and excitedly going about preparing to emerge once … Read more

Best Sports Bars for Chicago Football Fans

Chicago loves the Bears. And, when stepping foot into some of the best downtown sports bars, you’ll know it’s true. If you’re looking for the best Chicago sports bar to watch the game, you won’t want to miss out on the atmosphere and the food available. Timothy O’ Toole’s Known as the “Official Bears Headquarters,” … Read more

10 Reasons Why We Love Baseball Season in Chicago

Even if you’re not a Chicago native, it’s not hard to see that Chicago baseball fans are passionate about the sport. However, if you’re not sure why we love baseball season in Chicago, let us enlighten you. 1) We Have TWO Teams It may seem like Chicago baseball fans must choose for either the White … Read more