10 Reasons Why We Love Baseball Season in Chicago

Even if you’re not a Chicago native, it’s not hard to see that Chicago baseball fans are passionate about the sport. However, if you’re not sure why we love baseball season in Chicago, let us enlighten you.

1) We Have TWO Teams

It may seem like Chicago baseball fans must choose for either the White Sox or the Cubs, but the truth is that we have more to love in our city when we are baseball fans.

2) Wrigley Field Offers the Best Views

You don’t have to travel all the way into downtown to see the magnificent skyline. In fact, you can sit in the stands at Wrigley Field on the north side, chomping on a delicious hot dog and sipping a brew while catching a game.

3) Chicago Baseball Food is the Best

You don’t have to settle for just Cracker Jacks and Peanuts when attending a game at Wrigley Field or the Guaranteed Rate Field. Both of our baseball stadiums feature deep-dish pizza, filet mignon sandwiches and even loaded baked potatoes.

4) We Love to Hate the Cardinals

Even though the St. Louis Cardinals are located more than 5 hours away, we love baseball even more because we love to hate them. You can’t be a fan of the Cubs, especially and love the Cardinals. And, that rivalry keeps us talking smack to the fans all year long.

5) You Can Get Same-Day Tickets

Both the Cubs and the White Sox bring in fans to each game, but you don’t have to spend a fortune or plan months in advance to get tickets. We like the convenience of enjoying Chicago attractions and then picking up last-minute baseball tickets to see our favorites take the mound.

6) We Aren’t Bandwagon Fans

Passion. Devotion. Those are two primary characteristics of baseball fans in Chicago. We love our teams through the good and the bad. And, regardless of whether the Cubs or the White Sox are winning, we will stick with them through thick and thin.

7) Our City Supports Our Teams

You can definitely tell when it’s baseball season in Chicago. Not only do the businesses and attractions support our teams, but you can also see Cubs and White Sox merchandise everywhere you go. The best part is that you will also see banners and signs hanging from skyscrapers and on display at the many parks in our city rich with baseball pride.

8) Baseball is In Our Blood

It’s likely that our ancestors where right in the stands when Wrigley Field hosted its first game in the early 1900s or when the White Sox were established in 1901.

9) The Weather is Perfect During Baseball Season

Although Chicago weather is often unpredictable, you can guarantee that the spring winds help to cool us off as we sit in the stands throughout baseball season.

10) We Treasure Our History

It doesn’t take tourists long to see that Chicago is rich in history, but that’s primarily because baseball has been a key part of our city since the early 1900s – and, it always will be.

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