Spring Sports in Chicago

No matter where you live, the return of spring occupies a special place on the calendar each year. The sun is shining again, the days are getting longer, and the temperature is steadily rising. We’re all trading our puffy coats and scarves for short sleeves and sandals, and excitedly going about preparing to emerge once … Read more

Best Parks in Chicago

Parks are known for their natural beauty and serenity, but Chicago parks takes this beauty to another level. The downtown area is home to lush greenery and blooming plants throughout the year that showcase just how much Chicago residents love the great outdoors. If you’re not sure where to start on your next park adventure, … Read more

What to Do in Spring in Chicago

Whether you live downtown or are visiting the windy city for a day or a week, you can find plenty to do since Chicago attractions are in full swing during the spring season. The weather is perfect for outdoor dining, attractions and fun in the sun without the sweltering heat the summer brings. In addition, … Read more

Don’t Miss Out on These Memorial Day Chicago Events

Downtown Chicago is bustling at any time of the year, but the city brings out the best of its culture and fun during Memorial Day weekend. If you’re out and about in Chicago at the end of May, don’t miss out on these Memorial Day Chicago events for the entire family. Beachfront Fun As summer … Read more

Top 4 Romantic Date Ideas to Celebrate Spring in Chicago

The perfect time to launch a budding romance or reignite your love life is the spring. This eventful season gives you a chance to treat your significant other to an adventurous day outside with the sun shining or an intimate evening at one of Chicago’s popular attractions. Infuse your adventures with romance when making one … Read more