The Best Haunted Houses in Chicago

If you thrive when surrounded by ghosts and goblins, then you’ll love the Chicago Halloween events, festivals and celebrations in October. It’s true that there are plenty of fun things to do in Chicago; however, if you want to ramp up your scare level and venture into some of the best Chicago haunted houses, this list of downtown and haunted venues in neighboring cities is the perfect place to start.

Statesville Haunted Prison

Travel just a bit out of downtown to Crest Hill and you’ll find one of the top haunted houses in Chicago and the state of Illinois. This Chicago haunted house gives you access to a maximum-security prison with 23 cells featuring terrifying haunts at every corner. Not only do you get to explore prison cells at this Chicago attraction, you also have to navigate mass graves, mine shafts and caves before climbing into an Army carrier truck to hunt zombies.

Basement of the Dead

Just a short trip to nearby Aurora puts you right in the heart of Chicago’s best Halloween activities. Basement of the Dead gives you your fill of bloody nuns, killer clowns and a maze that leads you through claustrophobic halls. As an added bonus, you can take part in the Zombie Carnival midway games or opt for the Stabbin’ Cabin escape experience at this treasured Chicago Halloween event.

13th Floor Haunted House

If you want to explore your fear of heights and make it to the 13th floor of hell, then it’s time to reserve a spot at the 13th Floor Haunted House in Melrose Park. As one of the largest haunted houses in Chicago, 13th Floor features two separate haunted houses, detailed sets with blood and gore and witches wandering the floors chanting demonic spells. If you time your trip right near Halloween, you can even take part in the blackout event where this Chicago haunted house is completely dark.

Dungeon of Doom Haunted House

Find doom around every corner when making this Chicago haunted house your destination on Halloween. Located in Zion, near Six Flags Great America, this Chicago attraction offers 60 minutes of ghosts and goblins and even gives you the frightful option of being lowered into a grave. You can’t go wrong if you’re wanting a scare with a stop at this Chicago Halloween venue.

Midnight Terror Haunted House

Head to the South Side for a scary Halloween activity in Chicago. The Midnight Terror Haunted House features creepy characters, demonic workers and ghost cult leaders hiding in the corners. The 30-minute experience ends with a jaunt through Chainsaw Alley to top of your Chicago Halloween haunted house extravaganza.

Whether you want an experience right out of a horror flick or just want a brief scare, Chicago haunted houses deliver. From interactive mazes and dark, dim warehouses to houses that offer ghostly appeal, you can’t go wrong with these October Chicago activities. Check back often for ever more spooky Chicago Halloween events.

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