9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Chicago

While Chicago offers gems that are well known, such as the Skydeck, Navy Pier and the Magnificent Mile, the reality is that there are several hidden and interesting facts and venues within the windy city that are not common knowledge. Want in on Chicago’s secrets? Keep reading to find out 9 interesting fun facts about Chicago that will blow your mind.

1. You Can See Four States From the Willis Tower

As one of Chicago’s attractions that attract locals and tourists, the Willis Tower – the second tallest building along the Western Hemisphere – offers a sky deck that allows you to see four states that include Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.

2. Chicago is Home to the Twinkie

That sweet delectable dessert you crave actually originated in Chicago. As an employee at the Hostess Brands factory, the inventor of the Twinkie, Jimmy Dewar, first created the delicacy with banana cream, but later replaced the delicious filling with vanilla cream during World War II. Bet you didn’t know this fun fact about Chicago led to one of the most popular desserts.

3. Sue Lives at the Field Museum

One of the top Chicago Attractions, the Field Museum, is home to a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton that is dubbed the world’s most complete. And, her name is Sue.

4. Spray Paint was Invented in the Windy City

Here is a Chicago secret: You wouldn’t have access to spray paint if Chicago didn’t exist. In 1949, inventor Ed Seymour owned a paint store in the city and created this handy tool.

5. The Chicago River Runs Backward

While you may not notice this fun fact about Chicago, it’s true. The Chicago river was reversed in the late 19th century to flow the water into the Mississippi River versus Lake Michigan. The Chicago River is also a staple to the city and is dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day and the home of the Special Olympics’ rubber duck race each year.

6. The L Stands for Elevated

Chicago’s subway system was actually dubbed the “L” as an abbreviation of the word “elevated.” It’s a popular Chicago attraction and offers a quick way to navigate the city for work or play.

7. The Ferris Wheel Originated in Chicago

While Navy Pier’s Centennial wheel is not a Chicago secret, it may be interesting to know that the first Ferris wheel was constructed in Chicago in the late 1800s.

8. I-Robot Was Filmed in The Windy City

Many movies and television shows are based in Chicago, but sci-fi fans can relish in knowing this fun fact about Chicago: I-Robot, featuring Will Smith, was filmed in the windy city.

9. Chicago Hosted the First Televised Presidential Debate

History buffs will love this Chicago secret. In September 1960, the first televised presidential debate was broadcast from Chicago. The debate was between Richard Nixon and John Kennedy.

You don’t have to attend a trivia night to share these fun facts about Chicago. Show your Chicago pride and share your knowledge with these nine Chicago secrets. Check back often for even more details about Chicago’s attractions and historical significance.

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